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.b.r." >> susie: an historic move today by the federal reserve. fed chairman ben bernanke and other policy makers said they will keep their key interest rate near zero until the unemployment rate falls below 6.5% or inflation rises to 2.5%. now, this is the first time the fed has set a clear economic target for how long interest rates will stay at record lows. the surprise decision means the central bank will continue stimuting the economy by buying bonds. darren gersh explains the dramatic move. >> reporter: ben bernanke and his colleagues will no longer mark a date on the calendar for when they expect to begin raising interest rates. from now on, they'll make that call based on a target for the unemployment rate and inflation. >> it'll act to some extent as an automatic stabilizer. so if the outlook worsens and that leads markets to think that the increase in rates is further out in the future, that will tend to lower longer term rates, and that will tend to be supportive of the economy. so that has an automatic stabilizer-type effect. it offsets adverse shocks. >> reporter: as it turns out, th
off of session highs, but they were encouraged by the fact not only was ben bernanke going to be printing more money but also the china seems to be gaining little bit of steam. good day for oil traders. liz: purchasing $85 billion in bonds per month saying it will keep rates low until we see the implement rate fall below 6.5%. that is historic, folks. and then said probably mid-2015, which is what they have said all along. find out if he thinks the right moves are being taken right now. david: one of the guys willing to take on alan greenspan also a hike in dividend taxes could be spelling trouble for utilities companies. chairman and ceo policy impact a tax hike will have and how today's meetings with senators and white house officials did go. liz: but first, what drove the market with the "data download," and volatile day on wall street, the stocks waiting until the fed announced and then it happened, it did pop and lost the momentum into the close. ending a five-day winning streak, 70 points plus gain. telecom and financials were sitting pretty much the top performing se
customers and thereby strengthen the housing market. >> thank you very much. >> fed chief ben bernanke, he should have quit at hello. the market lost all of their games plus a point. 6.5%, that is the point say unemployment rate at which ben bernanke says any future rate moves will now be tied. a news conference in washington, he emphasized his top priority now shoring up the job market. the decision to live up the printing presses in january. the fed investors said they will not stop buying bonds until they drop. 85 alien dollars and we created money each and every month, 45 billion of that put in longer dated treasuries. by mortgage-backed securities. dow jones industrials really straddling the flat line. up more than 81 points after the announcement of markets like this announcement and started to take a second look. the nasdaq has been down most of the day. investors gave the plan a thumbs-up and saw stocks at their best levels since october but giving up the games as you see, what went on. big intraday swings around 12:30 p.m. eastern when the fed made the decisions known. take a look
statement from ben bernanke and company. qe forever. cheryl: full team coverage for the entire hour, nicole petallides watching traders' reaction from the floor of the nyse, jeff flock watching action on the trading pits of the cme and we have you covered with all-star fed panel. first we begin with nicole petallides on the floor of the nyse with stocks at the top of the hour. the fed now up 6. nicole: we are up six points, we are for six day is a row for the dow jones industrial. some would say people were waiting on the fed, talk about more easing and more stimulus and traders, they were asking about extending the programs, we will see about that. as far as major market averages the dow is just above the unchanged line like the s&p 500 and the ticket in nasdaq pulling back and you see the markets are very tepid and hovering right near zero and waiting for each headline. dennis: thank you, critics are calling it q e forever. the expected in moments to announce a new stimulus. cheryl: a current bond buying program, operation twist is scheduled to end. let's bring in our all-star panel. let'
money, but the market says thanks, ben bernanke and friends. we know the votes went through, and 11-1 decision. the market's acting this and running with it and moving to session highs so that these are session highs of 76 points on the dow jones industrials, a gain of 1/2%. the ticketing nasdaq is the worst of the month but it isn't 1/3% and the s&p 5 uuder the 0.3% and the s&p 5001430. anyone watching yesterday, he talked about the bias to the upside, talked about 1430 and talked about heading to 1440 and we are not are off of that level. american express leading the way. >> no deal to avoid the fiscal cliff, john boehner keeping the dialogue going and even trading new proposals but not stopping them from calling each other out. rich edson is in washington. >> that usually stops or pauses at the very least when there is progress. democrats and republicans have been stuck for weeks. the white house reduced its offer on tax increases for $1.6 trillion to $1.4 trillion including a willingness to begin corporate tax reform. republicans santa white house has to embrace significant spen
are joining them. geez, i may faint. now to washington, d.c. with fed chairman ben bernanke sent a chill down the spine of traders on wall street. bernanke said the fed's money printing should last only until we hit 6.5% unemployment. markets didn't like that one bit and a good rally was completely erased. and we go to damascus where the assad regime is firing scud missiles and where did those missiles come from anyway? >>> in a letter to senate majority leader harry reid, 18 democratic senators are requesting a sweetheart deal to delay a 2.3% medical device tax that is part of obama care. due to start january 1st. but you know what, may i with all respect, these guys are hypocrites. they're not supply siders. yes, the tax is a job killer, as they say, but it's only hitting their states. the senators claim the medical device tax kills jobs but why aren't they against all the other job killing obama care taxes or for that matter the fiscal cliff tax hikes that are coming. let's faulk about this. we have igor volsky and guy benson. guy benson, i am glad they have won't up to this lousy medical
. stay with us. >> someone in dc is focussed on job, fed chairman ben bernanke pledging more easy money to cut the unemployment rate. what does the economy look like in the new year, wells fargo chief economist, john silvio next. lou: chairman ben bernanke made a historic move sitting unemployment rate as a target for monetary policy. we'll be taking that up, talking with wells fargo chief economist john silv sylvia in moments, and announcing they will spend -- a month buying mortgage-backed security. what the market expected and stocks rallied a bit on the announcement, a little. then ben bernanke talked about the fiscal cliff that ended that rally, stocks coming off their highs, index, swung 102 points over second, and s&p finished where it began, nascar -- nazdaq down over 8 points, and trading on big board, busiest in the week, walmart a big mover, dropping retailer part of an overall weak group, best answer, profit taking with the sell-off walmart up, 18 -- almost 19ers in on the year, 10 year, yield rising to 1.69%, and crude market, up, joining me now, wells fargo chief economist
are already affecting americans. fed chairman ben bernanke says just the threat of the fiscal cliff is dragging down the economy. >> it's already affecting business investment and hiring decisions by creating uncertainty. >> that's unwelcome news for hundreds who lined up at a job fair in new york on wednesday. >> basically i'm looking for anything that pays american dollars. >> ben bernanke says 2013 will bring more jobs and better economic growth but only if congress strikes a deal. now, even if they do strike a deal, some here say the delays have jeopardized the chances of this becoming legislation and passing both houses of congress in time, and there's a question whether speaker boehner will even have enough republican votes to pass any deal they might come, to terrell. >> susan mcginnis in washington this morning. thank you, susan. >>> ben bernanke also had big news for investors. the feds taking unprecedented action in keeping interest rates at their record-low levels. erica ferrari is here in new york with that. erica, good morning to you. >> good morning, terrell. for the f
closer on averting that fiscal cliff. ben bernanke said the lack much progress is already causing problems for the u.s. economy. >>> governor jerry brown will continue to work a full schedule while he has prostate cancer. he is being treated and when he meat with them in san jose... >> one would never have known there are health issues going on in that 74-year-old body and we actually enjoy the conversation. >> brown will be treated with radio therapy and the prognosis is excellent and the treatment will be completed januarypth you -- january 7th. we also have the full statement released by his office, just look for the hot topic section. >> let's go to sal because something is happening on the bay bridge the san mateo bridge, the traffic so far has not been too too adversely affected -- too adversely affected. we also have more light coming into san francisco from oakland. looking at the west bay, no problems problems as you go to 880. >>> what we have is a cold air mass. a cool and breezy day today. and some of that fog in the north bay could be awful. we will keep an eye on thi
that it is alarming, we heard from the chairman of the fed, ben bernanke, he said already this impasse is hurting the economy. so that's certainly a reason for alarm. >> brianna keilar, great to see you. >>> seven minutes past the hour. north korea may not have full control of thatorbit. the satellite was launched yesterday. this is video from north korean television claiming to be from the control room in north korea as the rocket blasted off. u.s. officials say that ground control has yet to send a key radio control to the satellite. >>> secretary of state hillary clinton will testify next week about the deadly attack on the u.s. consulate in bengahzi. a report on the review is expected to be released before clinton testifies, one week from today. >>> two men from new mexico have reportedly been arrested in a bizarre murder-for-hire plot. police say one of their targets was justin bieber. krqe says the two were allegedly plotting to kidnap, castrate and kill four people, including two witnesses to a crime committed by a murdered convict who one met in prison along with bieber and his bodyguard.
to even consider tax increases. but don't you dare blame ben bernanke for not being willing to take bold action to get this economy hiring and moving again! even if his statements about economic weakness ultimately cause the averages to stumble from some pretty lofty levels. dow ultimately declining ability 3 points, s & p inching up 4.4%. closing in positive territory. nasdaq giving up .28%. when you look at what ben when you look at what ben bernanke did today you've got to marvel. the republicans themselves refuse to get specific on spending until they see something from the white house. the elected portion of our government is not helping this economy at all. their failure to rise above politics to reach a compromise is now really starting to hurt the u.s. economy. in this vacuum, the fed has decided to keep rates low. they stepped in saying listen, business, we are not going to get in your way. we're not going to allow interest rates to go higher until we get many hundreds of thousands of people hired! [ applause ] ben bernanke has become the jobs commander in chief. while i've hear
officials, some retired at that point who said that when ben bernanke for whom i have a lot of respect for what he and secretary paulson did to deal with the crisis after occurred, in spring of 2007 ben bernanke made a speech and he said the sub prime crisis will be confined to the housing market. the economists have all done their calculations within the fed and said these are small numbers compared to the size of the banking system, the number of sub prime mortgages is small enough, everything will be fine. the supervisors, at the examiners, the people who oversee safety and soundness of banks at the fed who were really second class citizens in the fed's culture and structure were screaming we have seen the balance sheets of these institutions, they are highly leveraged, and they can't take the hit. because there was no constructive dialogue or dialectic as alex would point out, between the economists and the supervisors. ben bernanke made his optimistic statement without understanding that the supervisors had an awful lot to contribute to his knowledge and what he should have forese
to realize that ben bernanke really has no idea what he's doing and must admit that his policy that's been in place now for four years of free money and 0% interest rates has really produced a very poor employment picture. let me prove my point. the november non-farm payroll report, we actually lost 22,000 jobs in the goods-producing sector. how could that be after four years of 0% interest rates? labor force participation rate, falling. the employment-to-population ratio falling and the key demographic of 25-55-year-olds, that demographic, they are leaving the workforce. >> michael, i get the feeling you're not a huge fan of ben bernanke. what would you do if you're the chairman then? >> if i was the fed chairman i would resign and realize that 12 people have absolutely no idea what the cost of money should be. the most important mechanism, symbol in a free market economy is the cost of money, and they have no idea telling us what that price should be. >> price mccain, help us out here. what's your expectation in the fed has said they are going to keep rates this low at least until unempl
of the u.s. reserve is charging ahead with. it seems like ben bernanke has specific numbers if mind. >> he does. he says he and his colleagues are not going to stop until they see the numbers become a reality. they will keep interest rates close to zero. that'sntil the unemployment rate falls to 6.5%. federal reserve officials gathered to discuss measures to support the committee in a two-day meeting that ended wednesday. they say it continues to expand at a moderate pace approximate while unemployment was down slightly second-degr the aim of this program is to drive down interest rates. for its next step the fed will start buying the same amount of treasury bonds in january. that's on top of the 40 billion each month it's buying in morning bonds. analysts say it's an unprecedented move for the fed to spell out its goal to bolster the economy. after the policy board meeting the fed chairman expressed stro conrn about t fisl cliff. he urged the obama administration and congress to resolve the problem as soon as possible. >> clearly this is a major risk factor and a major source of uncertain
yourself with 2013 with so much influence by ben bernanke. what happens between the president and john boehner in an hour >> narrator: what are the pros expecting in 2013? dan greenhouse is with me and also the chief economist with ihs global insight joins me. good to have you on the program, gentlemen. thanks so much for joining us. >> thank you. >> thanks, maria. >> dap, you think the fed captain really do much on the fiscal cliff? do you think the fed should have done without -- should have done what it did yesterday in terms of basically create more -- more stimulus? >> well, no, i don't think they should have done what they did yesterday, but that's a separate issue from the fiscal cliff, i think, and, you know, ben bernanke has been quite clear and quite frankly economists in general are quite clear about arguing there's very little the federal reserve can do to even partially offset the worst effects of the cliff should it actually happen. >> let me ask you your take on 2013. we know if we go over the cliff there are expectations that we'll see a recession, at least in the first
about what ben bernanke did yesterday, i want to ask you, do you think even if we go over the cliff, we fall into the recession? or will we be okay? >> the spending cuts, i just want to make it crystal clear. cutting government spending is good for the market and it's good for the economy. all of this nonsense about we can't take spending cuts, that is the same logic that led to the idea of the $800 billion stimulus bill will get us out of this mess. the other part of this equation is whether those tax increases on investment -- capital gains, dividends, small business taxes will go up. you know, i'm very nervous about that. this is a really bad idea to raise taxes on capital gains and dividends. whether it puts us into a double dip, i don't know. but it certainly could give a shock to the economy. >> ben bernanke saying he's out of their suitcase and he's got nothing left, right? is that he's basically saying? >> he said this could be going on for years and years to come. what you have is a maximum amount of stimulus. and that is being financed by enormous amount of financing. tracy: t
. for all of that, ben bernanke is my pick for businessperson of the year 2012. that will do it for us for today. thank you of so much for joining me. next week we will coming to you with a brand new look and a brand new name. look for "on the money with maria bartiromo." i'll continue to be here with you, as will all of our great guests every week where wall street meets main street. happy new year, everybody. wish you the best for 2013. i'll see you next weekend.
businessperson of the year, drum roll, please. ben bernanke, chairman of the federal reserve. who, because he surrounded us with free money and his low interest rate policy triggered a stock market rally all year long, an economy that while moving slowly certainly showed growth throughout the year. bernanke's policies encouraged lending, it encouraged borrowing, and also told us that there are few alternatives with any returns for our money beyond stocks and housing. for all of that, ben bernanke is my pick for businessperson of the year 2012. that will do it for us for today. thank you of so much for joining me. next week bewe will coming to you with a brand new look and a brand new name. look for "on the money with maria bartiromo." i'll continue to be here with you as are all of our great guests every week where wall street meets main street. happy new year, everybody, wish you the best for 2013. i'll see you next weekend.
that is eerily similar to the reagan era budget deficits. and ben bernanke is going to need lots of help in engineering an economic recovery without inflation. the volcker fed raised interest rates after years of inflation had garnered public support for tight monetary policy. but right now after years of recession and unemployment, the federal reserve may encounter hot of resistance -- lots of resistance if it has to act preemptively which is the only way it can do it. and it is, therefore, crucial that congress and the president embark on a plan to balance the full employment budget. as it did in the late 1980s and in the 1990s. only then can we really trust that the federal reserve will act irresponsibly. i'm sorry to end on such a sad note, but that's it. francesco, it's up to you to rescue us with some on the nhl. -- optimism. >> no question. thank you, bill. [applause] >> ready? sound like a good book? sounds like a good book, doesn't it? >> it is a good book. i read it twice, and i can tell you it's a good book. if bill thinks, suspects that you had to hear just from him, i am pos
and of course, we had yesterday the announcement from ben bernanke, he's going to be spending, printing 85 billion dollars a month to keep interest rates low and try to get the unemployment rate to 6 1/2%. he's been doing it for four years and i don't know how the market's going to react to that. in the very early going this morning, we're down five points. the opening trend is ever so slightly down after the announcement of a big printing oranges. right off the bat, i want to look at warren buffett's berkshire hathaway. buffett brought back 1.2 billion dollars worth of shares from one investor yesterday and that likely helped that investor, helped his estate save substantially on taxes ahead of higher tax rates, which are almost certain for next year, remember, buffett also called on congress to raise the estate tax on the wealthy and he wants the rich to may more in taxes and i'm going to use the word hipocracy rightly on wrongly and encouraging everybody else to pay more, but he and his company doesn't pay that tax, very interesting. a new report that the founder of best buy, richard sc
's ben bernanke's birthday. happy birthday, ben. "squawk box" begins right now. >>> good morning and welcome back to south carolina here on cnbc. i'm andrew ross sorkin along with joe kernen. becky is off today. dino kosof, he's going to have a lot to talk about when it comes to what mr. bernanke just said. later in the program, we'll talk to pimco's kneneal ashkari. >>> a surprise from ben bernanke, linking unemployment to monetary policy. rates will be staying where they are right now, which is close to zero, of course. until at the very least the jobless rate falls to 6.5%. we can only cross our fingers wherefore when that might be. ben bernanke says these changes will make the central bank more transparent adding they can only help the markets. the central bank ramped up its asset purchase program adding $40 billion to its $40 billion a month purchases of mortgage-backed bonds. he spoke about the objectives during wednesday's news conference. >> the asset purchases and the rate increases have different objectives. the asset purchases are about creating near term momentum in t
to deal of what happened with ben bernanke's comments and now the target in terms of tying interest rates to unemployment, which is a very new and big development for the fed. >> cnbc is talking over and over again, 2 million jobs to be lost, not if but when we go over the cliff. ben bernanke is listening to what this network is saying, recognizing there is going to be a dram mat hillsborough county job loss if we go over the cliff that is force austerity, that is firing people. look at spain when they got serious. italy. it meant a lot of firings. he says i see what we are going to do follow these countries that have fiscal responsibility a lot of people are going to be fired. don't worry, i'm going to do my best. what what are you going to do to keep people employed? >> keeping the heat on congress, came up a number of times, of course energy the press conference that followed the fed announcement but unclear what impact it will have. >> and as far as ben bernanke can do only so much he can do we all know the market's addition to the additional stimulus and the more -- increased transpa
. maria is off today as we welcome you to "closing bell" as ben bernanke wraps up his final news conference of 2012 after the fed's two-day meetings in which they agreed to continue to buy treasury securities and mortgage-backed securities, but the new wrinkle now in monetary policy that we all heard about today was a new kind of target. he called it a guidepost. to this point they said they would keep the fed funds rate at around 0% until 2015. now they say they will keep it there at least until the fed funds rate drops to 6.5%. it's currently at 7.7%, and while he was talking, mandy, the market lost ground. >> absolutely. let's take a look right in front of you. what you've got is the dow sitting right there on the line. it did actually drop negative just in the last five, ten minutes. we were at the highs of the day around 81 points to the positive on the dow. and then we really watched as ben bernanke was speaking the market lose its steam. the nasdaq also went negative where it is right now, and, you know, bill, i guess we'll ask our guests what it is that the market was dis
bernanke also had several caveats. explain those? >> so ben bernanke, the fed chairman, was very clear that today's statement doesn't represent an abandonment of low inflation. he said, for example, that if inflation were to rise unexpectedly, over 2.5% in their own forecasts, that might be reason enough for them to start raising interest rates even if unemployment has not come down 206.5%. >> sreenivasan: markets traditionally love certainty. why didn't they embrace it today? >> i think markets are starting to question whether the fed actually has the ability to deliver on this commitment to low unemployment. they've got the interest rates at 0, they have trillions of dollars worth of bonds and still the economy is very, very weak. >> sreenivasan: going forward, are there things that we should be looking for as signs from the fed on what's going to happen or should we be paying more attention to unemployment rate? >> well, the fed has taken one more step today. they're doubling the amount of bonds they're buying by printing money. they call that quantitative easing. but the other fact
, but for a one-time equity pay out. >> and to worry about interest rates are low thanks to ben bernanke. >>, but this shows the tax rates combined with very low bore heing costs and instead of investing in growth, you're investing in tax avoidance. >> and russell long said, i've come to the conclusion if you're going to have capitalism, you're going to need capital. >> goes to the heart of this, right? >> pure genius, except what's happening here is that capital could be invested in productive businesses or used next year is being pulled out of 2013, into 2012 so it can be realized as a profit and that capital will probably then be put in cash accounts or regional investors because these people don't trust going into 2013. they're just taking economic activity out of that era. >> so what's the economic impact going forward next year? >> why, it's dire for 2013. they really do, they're sucking the air out of 2013 and back to the point we were talking about, the negotiations in washingtons. the at some point, somebody, maybe the republicans have to speak up ab defend the real economy agai
's anouncement from the federal reserve which includes a news conference from fed chair ben bernanke. the dow is now up for the 5th session in a row. the other big news - oil was a gainer for the first time in 6 sessions. explosive details are emerging that fedex was "systematically overcharging" businesses and the goverment. the emailed comments were released in court documents in a class action lawsuit. a fedex official says the documents don't tell the whole story. and shares of rare earth molycorp fell 5% on word the cmpany is seraching for a permanent ceo. larry shover of sfg alternatives joins us now for an early look at the market. good morning to you. and are we waiting for qe 4? > > i think we are, and i think we are going to see it. we saw the rally yesterday. i think a lot of that was just expectations that central bank liquidity is going to be with us for quite a long time. > we have had quite a rally in the market of late. what is going on there? > > we had a great rally, especially yesterday's rally, very macro-driven. and what i mean by that - it wasn't like one sector was rall
and inflation rises to 2.5%. rates could stay near 0 for several years. here's the fed chief right there ben bernanke. the fed predicts unemployment rates will stay high until late 2015. they are working on it now. >>> house republicans are pressing the president to come up with a plan they can accept to avoid the looming "fiscal cliff." >> i was born with the glass half full. i remain the most optimistic person in this town. but we have some serious differences. >> they have work to do. president obama, house speaker john boehner spoke by phone last night after republicans sent a new deal offer but senate majority leader harry reid isn't very happy about the discussion on the senate floor this morning. reid compared the back and forth between the gop leaders and the white house to the peanuts comic strike where charlie brown tries to kick the football that keeps getting yanked away. >> we are not going to fall for that again. the american people aren't going to be under the illusion that the republicans are sometime in the future going to come up with revenue. they are going to come up with
in europe are trading lower as ben bernanke warns monetary policy may not be enough to offset the damage if the u.s. economy goes over the fiscal cliff. >>> and the fed takes the new and surprising step in its ongoing efforts to boost the economy, tying interest rates directly to the u.s. unemployment rate. >>> plus, investors cheering the plan to save danone's plans to offset losses over the next two years. >> announcer: you're watching "worldwide exchange," bringing you business news from around the globe. >>> welcome to the program. coming up on today's show, we'll be plenty busy. we head out to tokyo where carry enjoji has been talking about the upcoming elections. then, we hone in on central london where one pilot project is living roof and major buildings. find out what green living can do go r to improve the area. >>> and today, the 1 billionth international tourist will reportedly arrive at a destination in the world. at 11:20 central time, we'll speak to the world travel council to find out why france is still the world's top destination but more money is spent in the u.s. and c
chairman ben bernanke said the new targets were aimed at clarifying its policies. >> by tying future economic policy more explicitly to economic conditions this formulation of our policy guidance should also make monetary policy more transparent and predictable to the public. >> the fed's latest economic outlook shows the unemployment rate will drop to 6 to 6.6% from the current 7.7% and 13 said they expect the near zero interest rates to continue until 2015. >>> finance ministers from all >>> ihi corporation and three other firms in the machinery and ship building industry aim to construct the facility off the coast of rio. they plan to set up a joint entity to prepare for the bidding process. it is part of an estimated $120 billion project to develop an oil field at a deck of 2,000 meters under the sea bed. it will be built more than 300 kilometers away from the coast. it will have a huge storage space for equipment as well as sleeping quarters for workers. south korean and chinese companies are currently leaders in building offshore rigs. japan's government is set to support japan
after fed chairman ben bernanke said the central bank's purchase of treasuries will not be enough to offset the effects of going off the cliff. meanwhile, financial advisors are seeing a certain "fear factor" - investors moving out of stock mutual funds to bond mutual funds. "we're also putting emphasis on high-yield bonds - short-term, high-yield bonds and international markets. we're putting emphasis also on emerging markets as compared with developed markets." "there's a lot of buzz about high-yield dividend but high dividend payout." niemann says a lot of investors are anticipating changes in the tax code and may make adjustments just before year's end. guarantees on large amounts of money in the bank are likely to expire at the end of the year. attempts by democrats to add a 2-year extention to the transaction account guarantee program have failed. it was started during the finanical crisis. the accounts are often used by businesses, local government, and farmers who need a safe place to store money for a short time and know that it's backed by the government. critics say it
see the sequestration take effect. ben bernanke pointed out that the combination effect would be nearly three million jobs lost. it would not provide the certainty that middle class families need nor that our economy needs. i don't believe we want to go over the fiscal cliff. what we need to do is solve these problems. we need to come to the table and put together that framework to address these pressing problems. if we don't do it now, we will face this same debate a few months down the road. the reason we are having this debate is because we are spending so much more than we are taking in as a federal government. our budget this year is $3.5 trillion and expected revenue is $2.2 trillion or $2.3 trillion. we're already seeing where the deficit for next year is even higher than this year. we're going on the fourth year now in a row that we have not even as a house and a senate have not agreed on a budget. that is not the type of leadership that america wants. americans want republicans and democrats to sit down and figure it out. i think we are either going to succeed togethe
of the year is federal reserve chairman ben bernanke. he and other like minded bankers have kept the world from skidding into a deep depression. to the friends and family of the sandy hook victims, our thoughts and prayers and are love are with you. next week tune in for the 2012 awards part 2. merry christmas. bye-bye. >>> the following is a co-production of kqed and the center for investigative reporting. >> in california's fields, things are changing. crops are less plentiful. >> we're seeing two-thirds of a reduction in volume out of our southern growing regions. >> insects are more abundant. >> our temperatures have increased by two to three degrees fahrenheit, and that seems to be enough to keep them from being frozen out during the winter. i did end up losing one field -- probably a quarter of a million dollar hit. >> water, already scarce, is now too salty to sustain crops. >> if you don't have enough quality water to farm, then there's limits to what we can do with genetics. >> coming up -- climate change pushes california growers to new limits.
of the fiscal cliff situation denting consumer confidence and business confidence so you really need ben bernanke in there. on friday.t news >> unemployment report was better than expected but needs to be better than that. >> buzz in washington about whether susan rice or john kerry will be the next secretary of state and i'm told the president hasn't made up his mind yet and may not make up his mind until january. he wants to get the fiscal cliff business done with so don't be in a rush to await that decision. chris: when we return, the the week, will barack obama's scores in the second term be on foreign policy or here at home? chris: welcome back. syria, egypt and afghanistan are just the foreign policy challenges we already know about russia out china and there which brings us to the big question this week -- will the president's second term triumphs be abroad or here at home? >> i think his second term will be defined by foreign policy and looming confrontation over iran. chris: politco has spoken. >> despite all of the domestic issues, he will have a bigger role to play on the worl
up last meeting for 2012 with another press conference from ben bernanke. wednesday is his birthday, happy 59th mr. chairman. november retail sales report will be out on wednesday as is the first of two inflation indicators, tracks prices at the whole sale level and followed up on friday with the consumer price index which follows. finally, if you are on this list, it doesn't set you apart. professional networking site linkedin released 2012's most overused bud words on profiles. they are being used so often they lose significance with hiring manager. analyzing 187 million profiles around the globe. creative is the top offender in the united states as well as seven other countries. rounding out the rest of the top fire, organizational, effective, motivated and extensive experience. using buzz words in an effort to land your dream gig can be a buzz kill, just fyi. my guest next week, grover nor quist. we'll get an update on where we stand with the fiscal cliff negotiation. keep it here where wall street meets main street. i'll see you again next weekend. bp has paid over twenty-three
conference from ben bernanke. wednesday is his birthday. happy birthday, mr. chairman. retail sales report out on wednesday as is the first of two with inflation indicators the producer price index that tracks prices at the wholesale level followed up on friday with the consumer price index which follows. >>> finally, if you are on this list it doesn't death set you apart. professional networking site released the overused buzz words on user profiles. they are so often used they lose significance with hiring managers. analyzing 187 million profiles around the globe, linkedin found create zif the top offender in the united states as well as seven other countries. rounding out the top five, organizational, effective, motivated and extensive experience. using buzz words in an effort to land your dream gig can be a buzz kill. just fyi. thank you for joining us. my guest next week grover norquist. we will get an update on where we stand on the fiscal cliff negotiation. each week keep it here where wall street meets main street. have a great week, everybody.
and mow, money and more money. >> steve: yeah, more money and chairman ben bernanke said the fed will print more money to push down interest rates. will more money mean more problems ? nothing to laugh about when you think of what the government is dog. printing all of this money and trying to get it -- we are dog what ? >> the numbers are staggering. ben bernanke is going to print a trillion a year. this is it the fifth year in a row he printed a trillion bucks meanwhile, president obama is going to borrow eye trillion dollars this year and that is for the fifth year in a row that they borrowed a trillion. you printed a trillion and borrowing a trilian where is it going to end ? odds are you will have a financial crisis. inflation or debt crisis. in the immediate future we are bumling along with slow growth. >> steve: ben bernanke said they will continue to keep interest low until unemployment got down to 6 percent. i know you are a econanist. isn't the best way to get unemployment lower to get more jobs. >> they have done this four years and it hane worked . unemployment rate i
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